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dorothy_notgale ([personal profile] dorothy_notgale) wrote2011-04-07 02:35 am

Face, Palm, You've Met. Do Your Thing.

My Granddad is a great guy with a fascinating life story. He also likes to read, as do I, naturally. We swap books.

So when I learned that he'd never read any Gaiman (fave author!), I decided to lend him something. I couldn't find my copy of Good Omens, so I plucked a book from my Gaiman section basically at random and took it over the next time I visited. The book? American Gods.

That's right. I lent my Grandfather a book which features a guy being explicitly devoured by the Queen of Sheba's vagina.

FML, man. I'm never living this one down.
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[personal profile] franzeska 2011-04-07 04:22 pm (UTC)(link)
I have just the story to make you feel better!

When I was a teenager, I really liked Almodovar, but the only time I had to watch movies was when I saw my father for dinner once a week. Now, Matador and its ilk were no problem. (By which I mean, I liked them, and my father sat through them.) But I should probably have realized that any director who's that fond of movies about serial killers and weird sexual hangups would have, somewhere in his oeuvre, produced a movie about incest. Father-daughter incest at that. AWK-WARD!