dorothy_notgale: Emeralds scattered over black background (Default) start using this thing in earnest. I intend to begin reposting fic links and meta from Tumblr over here, just slowly populating it and getting it functional/readworthy.

Expect a lot of horror, queerness, criticism (in the academic sense), opinions, vampires, and scientists. Bad boys, sad boys, trash boys as far as the eye can see.
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*crawls out of grave* Yes, I'm back, and I've returned with a... thing. It's Back To The Future fanfic in fanart form, I guess.

Title: Fifteen Minutes Above The Fold
Summary: The front page of the Hill Valley Telegraph tells of the infamous trial and imprisonment of Emmett L. "Doc" Brown: madman, killer, terrorist and escapee.
Image-based and pretty heavy, but with a happy ending, I promise!
Ratings: G or PG
Contains: Major Character Death (But He Gets Better!), AU, 1985-Zero--The Dystopian Present, Outsider Perspective, Sensationalist Journalism, Bad Graphic Design, Terrible Headlines, No Page Jumps Nohow, Sentences So Long I'd Cut Them For Print, The Fold Is God, Magic Spacing, Time Travel (no kidding! BTTF with time travel! How novel!)
Notes: I'd like to thank the incredibly kind man I found on for walking me through figuring out what exactly the criminal charges for these shenanigans would be in California.
Also on AO3.

This is heavy, Doc. )
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My Granddad is a great guy with a fascinating life story. He also likes to read, as do I, naturally. We swap books.

So when I learned that he'd never read any Gaiman (fave author!), I decided to lend him something. I couldn't find my copy of Good Omens, so I plucked a book from my Gaiman section basically at random and took it over the next time I visited. The book? American Gods.

That's right. I lent my Grandfather a book which features a guy being explicitly devoured by the Queen of Sheba's vagina.

FML, man. I'm never living this one down.


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